Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Grotto Bay Beach Resort actually got its name from the subterranean caves found inside its own territory. The resort is located on the eastern end of the Bermuda Island, and it is blossoming with various tropical plants and trees. It sits on 21 acres of tropical gardens in Hamilton Parish which is very near the airport too.

The beach resort is small with rocky ledges. But despite the fact that it is not as big as the other resorts and seems to be just another ordinary beach, it is considered as one of the best Bermuda hotels. Perhaps, the reason for this is that there are only a few nice beaches close by. But still, the shoreline in the vicinity is quite captivating with lots of natural caves and coves.

Moreover, the resort continues to attract visitors especially those who want to experience the authentic Bermudan atmosphere. Another thing that draws the crowd to this resort is the fact that the packages are more affordable as compared to other resorts under the same category.

When you first see the place, you will instantly be impressed with it rustic look and Bermudian architecture which only makes the scene even more beautiful. The rooms are strategically scattered within the expanse of the resort so you have many choices with regards as to which room to take. The over-all design of the hotel is breathtaking and you will really love the feel once you get there.

Additionally, every room has a balcony where you can relax while enjoying the impressive view of the beach front. And when you want to hang around by the shoreline, you can sit or lie down on the comfortable lounge chairs complete with umbrellas. There is no extra charge for this provision so you can relax even more.

And because the whole place is very clean and the hotel staffs are very friendly and accommodating, always ready to help when the guests need anything, most of the visitors were enticed to come back.

The unique feature of the hotel is its two 500,000 year old underground caves (grotto) where the resort was named after. As a guest, you are free to swim in the cool waters of the Cathedral Cave or be in awe at the sight of the Prospero cave’s stalactites. The water in these underground caves is so clear and refreshing that you will surely have fun taking the plunge.

When it comes to dining, there are three restaurants and bar to choose from and they are:

1. Palm Court – If you prefer informal dining, this restaurant is the best choice. The interior of the place exudes tropical ambiance and the food that they serve are all island inspired.

The highlight of this resto-bar is its stylish bar that serves a variety of exotic cocktails that you can think of.

2. The Bayside Bar & Grill – if you want a fast-food style dining, this poolside bar and grill is perfect. You can choose from the range of common fast food meals including hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, sandwiches and their famous island BBQ. Seafood is also available when in season.

3. Hibiscus Room – this is the right pick if you want formal dinners. The menu is mostly composed of fine European cuisine but with a bit of the exotic Bermudian flavor.

Then again, if you are on holiday with your family it is better to go for the all-inclusive hotel packages where the food is already included in the rates. Anyway, the food in the hotel is very good, plus, you have the advantage of eating in buffet style.

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