Happening Delhi

Events in Delhi can be classified into different categories. Some of these include dance/drama, music, food, health, and night life. A number of dance events are organized in Delhi that includes Salsa parties, eastern dance, and regional dance programs.

Delhi is also popular for people who love to eat out. There are a number of popular food joints that cater to different budgets and categories of people. This includes joints like Haldiram’s, Bikanerwala, Pind Balluchi. Many five start hotels like Taj and Meridian also provide some great food options. Delhi also hosts many food festivals to satisfy the taste buds of the people here. Some of the popular ones include Dimsum brunch, regional thali, and seafood delight. Delhities love to eat but they also are a great health freaks. There are some world class gyms and health points that are great for health freaks. Discussion about food is not complete without the drinks and booze.

Delhi’s nightlife is getting better with time. Delhi offers numerous bars, restaurants, lounges, discotheques, gigs, and rock shows at many venues for the night birds. Delhi offers a large variety of options for people who wish to indulge sometime or probably every now and then. Some of the popular pubs include The whisky Bar at The grand, Senso and Hash resto bar, Geoffrey’s, Turquoise cottage, The Float, and Athena. Some of these are open all through the night and provide a cool and relaxed atmosphere to the night birds.

When we talk about entertainment options in Delhi, we cannot leave out the amazing multiplexes, auditoriums, film clubs, cultural places, colleges. Movies at Multiplexes cover the variety from Hollywood Movies to Bollywood Masala Movies. Delhi offers numerous cinema halls and multiplexes to all movie buffs to satiate their hunger for good cinema. Movies of all genres like drama, action, adventure, animation, biography, thriller, musical, romance, sci-fi, and sports are released every Friday.

Documentary films with socially relevant issues, Hollywood movie screenings with discussions based on the movie, previews of the upcoming Bollywood movies, film Festivals like Osian’s Film Festival, women film festival, wildlife film festival, habitat film festival, European film festivals, Mexican film festivals, and Spanish film festival keep happening in various auditoriums in Delhi. Events in Delhi also offers great choices for people interested in real world and not a virtual one. We are referring to theater which is a matter of interest to a number of people.

Delhi is also very happening in terms of its excitement for music and rock shows. Delhi is home to some of the very popular rock and bands. Some of the local band and orchestra groups include Kripa entertainment, Vicky sharma & party to name a few.

Delhi is also a hub of number of cultural events and clubs that provide a number of entertainment activities. Some of these clubs are for members only but some also facilities for daily users. Some of these clubs include Capital club, Aero club of India, Gidney club, Malviya cricket club to name a few. Delhi also has a number of recreational clubs and activity joints like pool and snooker clubs and bowling alleys that provide a means of great entertainment.

Delhi also has a number of discotheques that are great entertainers for party animals. Most of them are in a five start hotel and thus are very safe and provide a comfortable but a little expensive entertainment option. Some of these are Hyatt Regency, Jazz bar, Santrini Lounge, and Expose bar to name a few.

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