Try Restaurants In Boracay

It is not surprising for Boracay to be included in the popular vacation choices of local and foreign tourists. The island, considered as one of the prized treasures of the Philippines, is full of resort spots and entertaining bars for all kinds of tourists. Aside from its water activities and the premier white sand of the Boracay beach, one of the best things that can spice up your vacation experience is the food. Here are the four best restaurants that you should not miss in Boracay:

True Food Indian Cuisine

If you have a flair for authentic Indian food, True Food Indian Cuisine is your top choice. The restaurant provides a homey feel to your breakfasts, lunch-outs, snacks, or even dinners. The best Indian meals that you can enjoy here are Maseha Tare Ko, Mushroom Dopalza, and Chana Ki Dal. Are you a meat lover? In that case, you can choose the popular Tundori Chicken. Food prices range from 200 to 500 pesos, taxes inclusive.

True Food Indian Cuisine is located at Station 2 near White Beach. It is impossible to miss this very popular Indian restaurant.

Dos Mestizos

The Boracay Island is an old patch of land, surrounded by the serenity of ocean waves. During the early development of the island, it had a couple of pioneer restaurants that have attracted countless tourists. Dos Mestizos is one of these restaurants that started out as a hole-in-the-wall establishment. As time went by, Dos Mestizos became larger and more popular.

Dos Mestizos specialises in making delicious Spanish food. Among the favourites are Paella Mariscos, Boquerones, Marinated Anchovies, and Spanish Valenciana. Dos Mestizos is located at Calle Remedios, Sitio Manggayad.

Smoke Resto

The Smoke Resto is a well-defined Filipino favourite. If you want home-cooked Filipino meals, this is the right pit stop for you. You can buy the famed Filipino Bulalo for just 260 pesos and the Beef Salpicao for 120 pesos. Smoke Resto’s Kao Pad, also known as Bagoong Rice, is available for only 140 pesos.

Smoke Resto is located at D’Mall in Station 2, White Beach. Since this is a popular Filipino restaurant, you can just ask around for directions.


Original Moroccan cuisine is the specialty of Kasbah, a popular restaurant located at Station 1. Aside from the cuisine, you can also indulge in the restaurant’s Moroccan culture with your friends and family. The Kasbah bestsellers are Kemiah, kebabs, lamb tagine with vegetables, and lamb stew flavoured with Moroccan spices.

After the meal, you can have a refreshing drink of the well-known Moroccan mint tea. A budget of 1,000 pesos above is enough to enjoy the delights offered by Kasbah.

Before having a reservation for a hotel at Boracay, it is advisable to create a list of the restaurants that you are planning to visit. If you are looking for properties in Boracay, be sure to choose a location that is near your favourite restaurant-you wouldn’t want to travel far just to enjoy the meal that you love, right?

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